Silver Spotlight: Tom Storrer

This month, our copywriter Tom Storrer steps out of the interviewer chair and into the Silver Spotlight to share more about his role at Silver.   Which three words would you use to describe your role? Varied. Creative. Considered. What are your day-to-day tasks? I start by checking emails, going through my schedule and catching […]

Silver Spotlight: Paddy O’Neill

This month we caught up with Silver’s Head of Digital, Paddy O’Neill, to learn more about his daily routine and discover the biggest challenge he faces.   Which three words would you use to describe your role? Strategy, process and digital.   What are your day-to-day tasks? Generally I check up on the Digital team, […]

Born in Brunel, Raised in Silver: Final thoughts from...

Last week, I stumbled across a photo of myself taken in the first few days of my placement at Silver. The person staring into the lens on the other end looked completely unaware of the whirlwind year that was about to take place. He was fairly set on how he wanted his career to play […]

Silver Spotlight: Alice Eaglestone

This month we caught up with our creative designer, Alice Eaglestone, as she reveals what inspires her away from work:    Which three words would you use to describe your role? Passionate, empathetic, creative and diverse. I may have broken the three words rule…   What are your day-to-day tasks? I get in and make […]

Silver Spotlight: Noah Johnson

This month we put Silver’s Noah Johnson under the spotlight to learn more about our Developer’s role and his passions away from work:   Which three words would you use to describe your role? Flexible, engaging and challenging. What are your day-to-day tasks? Usually my day starts with a meeting with our studio manager to […]

Will Copywriting be Automated?

Will the day really come when copywriting is completely automated? Will copywriters be replaced by AI?   It’s already happening Yes, certain areas of copywriting are already being written by AI software, like WordSmith, developed by technology company, Automated Insights. This software basically takes raw data and churns it into automated narratives. Large, complex templates are […]

Silver Spotlight: Lisa Ferrari

Which three words would you use to describe your role? Creative. Multi-tasking. Management.   What are your day-to-day tasks? All sorts, anything and everything to do with the craft of making videos –  from initial concepts to completion. This can include initial concepts, ideas generation, designing look and feel, designing style frames, taking scripts and […]

Silver Spotlight: Thomas Layland

Which three words would you use to describe your role? Creative, adaptive and open-minded.   What are your day-to-day tasks? It really varies. It could be anything from working with Dell EMC for an event or working on a new logo for a fintech company. Every day is different at Silver which is what really […]

Some agencies set themselves up to fail

You’ll recognise them I’m sure: I wish the client could write a proper brief Why does the client keep changing their mind? They won’t pay for good work Agency deadlines are sacrosanct, but clients’ deadlines seem to be immaterial This is where a good agency, and a strong client services function in particular, starts to […]

Silver Spotlight: Natacha Torres

Which three words would you use to describe your role? Organisation. Strategic. Creative.   What are your day-to-day tasks? First off I check the schedule and catch up with different team members on projects that are currently being worked on. Then I catch up with clients to see if there are any updates on project […]

Portugal 2019: Lisbon by Bike, Sea and Scooter

Day 1 Pulling up to the hotel, we were greeted by Graham, Silver’s chairman, who had flown out earlier that day to meet us in the evening. Graham wasn’t empty handed either, passing around a plate piled high with mini pastéis de nata, Portuguese custard tarts. A tasty start to the weekend! We dropped off […]

Six Awesome Women Who Inspire Silver

Spanning across design, literature, performance, mathematics, music and business, the women featured have truly played a part in shaping the world we live in today. Jessica Walsh Designer, Art Director, Partner – Sagmeister & Walsh Chosen by Matt Hurley, Creative Director, Silver Jessica is a creative powerhouse, paving the way for women in the creative […]

Has Marketing Become Too Scientific?

We need to remember what marketing is: a connection between organisations and a market that benefits both parties.   Of course, this process needs knowledge and insights to segment and target specific people, and information to try and accurately predict future events. This is very much the scientific side of marketing, where big data allows […]

Four Months In: A Catch up with Silver Intern,...

Already a third of the way through his time with us, we caught up with Charlie to see how he’s found the first four months at Silver.    From maths to marketing Design at Brunel is widely regarded as one of the top courses of its kind in the country, owing to the staff, facilities […]

Tom’s Top 5 Christmas Ads of 2018

The big day is less than four weeks away, so the festive ad floodgates are well and truly open. I’ve spent the better part of a morning trawling through this year’s offerings to share with you my top 5 Christmas ads of 2018. Enjoy!   5. Currys PC World – The Magic of Christmas Upgraded […]

Character Animation: How do you Effectively Bring Characters to...

Nail the basics The basics of effective character animation are bringing a character to life, but focusing on creating the illusion of emotion and personality. There’s a well-known animation book called The Illusion of Life , written by Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas. Throughout the book, they explore the 12 principles of animation. […]

There’s a Time and Place for Creativity in Direct...

Of course, there’s a place for creativity in direct response marketing; it just has to be executed properly.   The whole purpose of direct response is to drive the target market to a specific trackable action, such as opting into an email list or picking up the phone for more information. If your creative comes […]

Are you guilty of these common branding mistakes?

To help you through the challenge, here are a few common branding mistakes to avoid. Check them out and see if your company needs to address your brand strategy.   Inconsistency This is a big one. A consistent brand identity builds a sense of trust and comfort for consumers, and can go a long way […]

5 quick tips for great content marketing

What is new is that roles for creating new content are being created by organisations, putting much more pressure and focus on creating original, engaging and valuable content. Here are five quick tips that will put your content marketing on the right track.   1. Define your target audience beforehand  Think about audiences rather than […]

Deliver killer direct mail campaigns with these 7 tips

Although many communications are now done digitally, direct mail remains a key tool in the overall marketing strategy of most organisations, as they can be a very effective way of achieving tangible and measurable results. To celebrate being shortlisted for this year’s International B2B Marketing Awards, with a direct mail campaign we created for Dell […]

The Characteristics of Creativity

It’s characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. Stanford University Professor Tina Seelig carried out research into what brings an idea to life. She came up with a concept […]

Silver Work Experience

The students completed a one-week placement and they certainly made a fantastic impression on our studio during their time with us. They mostly worked alongside our marketing manager and designers, focusing on marketing and business development. We were blown away by the talent and enthusiasm shown by each student. They demonstrated maturity and confidence, and […]

7 types of B2B video for effective engagement

Choosing the right one often depends on your objectives and budget, but here are 7 different formats that you should consider for your next B2B video campaign. Interview/Q&A A conversation between several people. Ensure high-quality sound for clear dialogue, and consider minor postproduction effects like name overlays and transitions. Testimonial Use a willing happy customer […]

Tom’s Top 5 Football Ads

The FIFA World Cup has kicked-off in Russia, and I couldn’t be more excited. There’s a palpable sense of anticipation that’ll last all month… or at least until the inevitable happens and England get knocked out in penalties. To celebrate the famous tournament, I’ve looked back at my five favourite football TV adverts. Enjoy! ‘An American […]

5 best practices for effective B2B videos – and...

It’s clear that video content should be central to any progressive B2B strategy because video gives you a number of creative ways to engage and reach audiences. If you want to be more imaginative and inventive with your marketing campaigns, this is the perfect platform. Video gives you so much freedom and flexibility, but there are […]

5 things you need understand about technology

Tech isn’t a smooth journey It’s easy to see technology as a never-ending positive progression that constantly makes things better for us all. However, new tech products often come with a set of trade-offs. Improvements in usability or design can negatively affect privacy or security. Just because a technology is improved in some ways doesn’t […]

5 ways to spark creativity

While some people may be more creatively gifted than others, consistent creativity requires practice and patience. Creativity takes practice and diligence. There is no magic formula to achieve instant game-changing creativity, but there are things we can do to boost our chances of coming up with that big idea. Here are five of our favourites. […]

Are you a creative risk taker?

There’s no way to achieve greatness without taking risks in any walk of life. Being safe and doing what is expected won’t set the world alight. Being different requires being brave with ideas and taking that plunge into the unknown. It’s not just artists, musicians and the like that are creative. The business world offers […]

Empathy should be the marketing buzzword you care about

Executing empathetic marketing effectively can be the difference between a hot prospect and a profitable customer. We’re currently in an era of big data and automation that are driving business decisions. Of course, this has a huge part to play in our marketing activities, but the human, emotional side of marketing holds the key to […]

The devil is in the detail

Well, maybe. Experience tells us that marketing success comes down to planning and the ability to ask yourself the right questions up front around the desirable end result that reveals the true deliverables and expectations of a campaign. By capturing these details in a clearly defined work break structure (WBS), and laying this out carefully […]

Can creativity be automated?

Repetitive tasks are now completed by machines, with the job landscape set to change in the short-term future as we see the adoption of automated systems become the norm in the workplace. But can the fundamentally human gift of creativity be automated in the same way? Some believe so. David Cope, a professor at UC […]

Get your marketing investment working for you

More importantly, how do you hit your targets while sticking to a set fee? The simple answer is of course to design campaign assets that fit your budget – which is where the topic of medium, and the mix of channels to be used, raises its head.   Different lanes for different brains A marketer’s toolbox contains many […]

AI and its impact on B2B marketing

But what is AI? How is it being used in B2B marketing and what social impacts will we face as the technology develops?   What is AI? In the 1950s, artificial intelligence was seen as any task performed by a program or machine that, if a human carried out the same activity, we would say […]

Infuse creative juices into your brand

Stories need to pass the “pick me up” test, otherwise these beautifully crafted words may never see the light of day. That’s why you need pictures and a concept that brings it all together. But concepts don’t grow on trees. However, they do need cultivating, and we believe genuine creativity comes from linking previously unconnected […]

How to build a strong brand

To create a strong brand, you must first develop a strong brand strategy – a plan that outlines specific long-term goals that are achievable as your brand develops. A well-defined brand strategy, carefully executed, affects every aspect of a business. It’s directly connected to customer needs, emotions and the competitive environment. Here are some essential […]

The power of a good story

A lot of marketing, particularly in the B2B space, is geared around a static conversation: where recipients (unexpectedly) receive proposed insights into a potential solution that they may or may not address the problem they’re focused on at that precise moment. So, to be heard above the noise takes more than sheer volume. It takes amplifying […]

The benefits of an open plan office

The design of an office plays a large part in the wellbeing of employees, which in turn affects the productivity of an entire organisation. Silver has embraced the open plan design since 2016 and reaped the benefits that come with it. Here are a few positives that come with ditching cubicles and going open plan.   […]

The benefits of using video in your marketing strategy

The world is so fast-paced and packed full of competitors, all vying for your target audience’s attention. With dwindling attention spans and suffocating marketing messages, well-executed videos can be the solution to breaking through the noise. Here are a few benefits that video can bring to your business when used as part of your overall […]

5 tips to change your brand perception

The process of change can be gradual or sudden – driven by external factors out of our control. Brand perception is one of the hardest things to change as an organisation, but these five tips will lead you in the right direction.   1. Look at your brand You first need to understand what your […]

Know what makes your audience tick

This interest helps explain the desire to ‘get to know’ audiences, and to develop this understanding beyond purely functional concerns. That means getting to grips with a host of tactical and strategic needs. Emotion – adding a third dimension In a crowded marketplace, it can be almost impossible to get audiences excited about features and […]

The Silver Family Continues to Grow

We’re delighted to introduce three new members of Silver who will be joining us on our adventures. Nikita Brienza has joined our Client Services department as Account Executive. Nikita brings valuable experience from her time as Production Manager at a post-production house based in Cheltenham. She’s looking forward to building strong working relationships with our clients, […]

5 Tips to Grow Brand Awareness

You need to make sure that your brand gets in front of the audience you want to engage with. The ideal situation is to have your target market think of your company when they’re ready to buy. Here are five useful tips to grow brand awareness that can help make sure your target market thinks […]

Happy Holidays from everyone at Silver

It’s been a fantastic year. We’ve built relationships, smashed pitches and pushed the boundaries of B2B creative to get our clients’ brand stories heard. It’s been tough, but we’ve loved every minute. The team is looking forward to putting their feet up for a week, then jump back in and see what 2018 will bring. […]

Manage your identity

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Maybe it is, but few brands are truly proficient in making it happen. Sure, companies are quick to point out the reason they’ve created their offerings, and the difference it makes to a customer’s life. But then they slowly get tongue-tied. That’s where marketing agencies step in to quickly turn a […]

Iceland 2017: Wish you were Skyr!

There’s far too much to see and do in just four days, but we certainly packed a lot in! Here’s a little breakdown of our time in Iceland, along with a few snaps of our adventure. Enjoy! Day 1 It was an early start for the team, setting off to Gatwick, weary-eyed, at around 5:30am. […]

Deliver on your promises

The distilled essence of the story to be conveyed and the underlying creative territory that together form the ‘big idea’. But how do you come up with it? What should it cover? And how ‘big’ should this big idea really be? The good news is that creating a compelling and workable campaign proposition is less […]

Have a destination and set course

Put another way, it’s about agreeing the mission, setting the objective, and confirming the end goal. This is obviously important for getting everybody on the same page, and for establishing a common view of what ‘good’ looks like. Yet equally, it’s about putting the proposed activity under the microscope: how does it fit with and […]

5 Branding and Marketing Myths – Busted

Here are five common misconceptions to help you avoid the antiquated and get the most from your brand and marketing activities going forward. 1. Having a website is good enough Gone are the days when just having a website was good enough to be found. There are countless websites out there competing for audience attention. […]

Tom’s Top 5 Christmas Ads of 2017

John Lewis released their new Christmas ad two weeks ago, which has become a festive event in itself over the past decade. They have returned to pulling at our heartstrings with ‘Moz the Monster’ – a tale of friendship between a little boy and the monster who lives under his bed. The ad has had mixed […]

4 tips to utilise emotional storytelling for your brand

You want people to understand and remember your brand, and emotional storytelling is the perfect tool to achieve this. 79% of consumers think that brands should be more genuine, so a real story told in a compelling way is worth its weight in gold. The following four tips will help you craft a story that […]

The History of Logos

It should effectively communicate what you do, who you are and what you value. It’s a symbolic story. We see logos everywhere we look, both on and offline. But where did the concept of logos originate? What were the first logos like, and how have they evolved to what we see today? Ancient Symbols The […]

B2B Marketing Basics: Quality over Quantity

You just want the opportunity to start the conversation and the chance to demonstrate some serious credentials. The trouble is no one’s listening. Well, that might not be entirely true. The law of averages suggests 4.4% of those you could send a direct mail to might respond, 2% for email, 0.15% for online display ads. […]

An Insight into Silver’s Office Design

We see ourselves as a portal to excellent brand and marketing communications. Andy Wharhol once said that the future was silver. Indeed his organisation in the 60s and 70s was known as the Silver Factory. Our studios are similarly, and in tribute, factory like. Raw materials and finishes. Corrugated steel sheet, floor to ceiling glass […]

The Effect of Faces in Marketing

Even as babies, before the muscles around our eyes are capable of focusing, we turn to face our mothers. This hardwired instinct is extremely powerful. Professor Richard Wiseman carried out the famous ‘lost wallet’ study to analyse the effect of people on emotion and physical action. He and his colleagues left wallets on the streets […]

Why your business should use a B2B marketing agency

There is no need to fear! A group of forward-thinking, experienced and talented experts dedicated to planning, implementing and supporting your marketing activities? That sounds pretty good to us! We have put together a few reasons why you should consider using a B2B marketing agency to add significant value to your future marketing activities. Expertise […]

20 Quotes to Inspire Great Design

Great design is hard to come by, so we hope these quotes get your creative juices flowing and spark that killer design idea you’re searching for! 1. “Designers are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” – Margaret Oscar 2. “Design is not what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it […]

3 ways technology companies can tell better stories

Technology companies are in industries that are taking larger developmental leaps over shorter spaces of time. The products and services are there to promote, but telling a compelling story about them is where the magic lies. There are a few ways that technology companies can tell better stories. These techniques can generate meaningful engagement with […]

B2B Brand Basics – How to Name your Business

He founded B2B leviathan Gyro in London in 1991 and progressed on to his latest brand and marketing agency Silver based in London and Cheltenham, as well as finding the time to launch an FMCG milk drink brand called Bam. His advice is to give your business a name with either one or two syllables. […]

automatic for the people – I was asked recently...

We live in a process orientated and driven world – a world in which driving will soon be taken out of our hands and in which our children’s homework is distributed, completed and marked on-line.

KPMG SBA’s new website contributes to 120% week-on-week increase...

We breakdown how we helped KPMG Small Business Accounting’s new website deliver a 525% return on marketing investment and contribute to a 120% week-on-week increase in new sales.

Storytelling. Brand and marcomms together – happily ever after.

Every minute, our planet rotates another nineteen miles, 278,000 tweets, 216,000 pictures and 1.8m Facebook likes are sent. We are sharing information at lightfast fibre-optic speeds. Instant news feeds from friends, family, a global network of journalists and pundits has changed how we stay informed. Hungry for information, people are consuming it at an ever-increasing […]

making a complex proposition simple

Communicating what a company does and stands for can be a bit like this. What may have started out with clear meaning and singular vision can, over time, become muddled and confused. It happens when a business grows, when its products develop and change or perhaps when it merges with another organisation. I first encountered […]

the revival of the gif

So it was no surprise that as we approached the Millennium, the GIF gradually became an endangered species. New technology like Flash had become popular and people found more impressive ways of making their website come to life. Fast forward 20 years and we are now in a decade where people’s attention spans are shorter […]

Mind the gap

First introduced over a century ago, Johnston Sans has been the font for London transport ever since and has remained mostly unchanged. First commissioned in 1913 by Frank Pick as part of London Underground’s corporate identity, it has become one of the most talked about and celebrated fonts since it was first used in 1916. […]

So what makes good writing?

So what makes good writing? How can we be sociable with words on a screen? How do we show strangers good times, invite people in, build trust via the written word? Here are my suggestions: Be concise The reader’s time is valuable so don’t waste it. It’s much easier to be long-winded than it is […]

New beginnings

As I walked through the door I was blown away – the fixtures, the fittings and most of all the space! Metres of ceiling had been exposed, pendant lights hung over every workstation and a snug including the famous union flag leather sofa. I remember thinking to myself this would be such a great place […]

Stop posting pictures of your food on Instagram

Every few weeks I find a nice spot in my house or a café, or even a pub if I’m feeling adventurous. I settle down with my phone and laptop and start flicking through the photos I’ve taken. Once I find a subject worth documenting, I layout my pages and start writing. For example, if […]

The King is dead, long live the King

Having witnessed the growth of Internet content since 1998 (whilst at university) and worked within the mobile content industry throughout the noughties, it’s finally time to announce that content is no longer King… Valuable, relevant and highly targeted content is King. Okay… so it doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so easily, but it’s exactly […]

Facts tell, stories sell.

In today’s world, with an increasing number of communication channels becoming available, there are more messages than ever before with more people (and brands) telling them. So the challenge to cut through the noise and communicate your message so that it will not only be heard, but remembered, has become that much harder. Whether it’s […]

Evolution Not Revolution – how agencies benefit from regularly...

From an agency perspective, changing by evolution and adding a new point of view not only keeps ideas fresh, and maintains a keen vibrancy – which is key to providing the energy in which agencies thrive upon. But it also promotes a culture of different ideas and ways of thinking. Clients thrill at the creative […]

A culture of quality: the key to business success

There are a number of ways to improve the culture within your company, with the greatest asset of all being your employees. Employees must be in tune with the company culture, and they must truly believe in the direction of the business. They must not only do their day-to-day jobs, but they must also understand […]

Going Global

Behind any successful brand is a team of storytelling experts who recognise the importance of sharing the brand story, their promise to the customer and the ‘why’ differentiator between one brand to another. However, in today’s connected world, brands with a global reach need to be evermore conscious of how their story, service and product […]

Take a closer look at visual hierarchy in web...

There are many reasons why we don’t go back to a site; slow load times, terrible navigation, annoying pop-ups and at the end of the day it’s all about preferred content. The content of a site is the single most important element that helps increase visitor numbers. Have a review of your own website; What […]

Beyond Communications

Snap was envisioned over a coffee between Silver’s CEO Graham Dodridge and photographer Remy Whiting, and enables children from sub-Saharan Africa to express themselves through photography. Simply put: Snap brings photography students, professionals and enthusiasts from around the world to the townships of South Africa and to schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo […]


Diversifying the elements for maximum reaction First of all, a team’s potential is the sum of all its constituents. This is why Silver recruits a wide range of employees for its teams. A broad range of skills from filming to finance and beyond, a variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds and some unique and hilarious […]

How social media impacts our lives today

2015 was the year that the ‘Instagram Husband’ was born. A tongue-in-cheek video that was created to highlight partners who are stuck miserably photographing their loved ones. The video has had more than 4.9 million views and many can relate to the video saying ‘That’s me! Or – that’s my husband!’ and that includes me! […]

New year, new start

My first week was a whirlwind and flew by, which is to be expected; trying to process everything and take it all in – but loving every minute of the hustle and bustle of agency life. Every morning after everyone’s arrived and grabbed their teas and coffees, we gather in the meeting room, have a […]

Building an Effective Marketing Engine. Content is King!

Marketing and selling to customers used to be a very straightforward process. However the traditional marketing funnel is now defunct. Business can’t rely on interacting with the customer at the end of the cycle. The new ‘E’ customer is information rich and can choose what they think is valuable from social sites, forums or other […]

shooting in the townships

The infectious energy, cheerfulness and happy smiles, apparently ignorant of the relative lack of future opportunities, challenges to health, general poor living conditions and underclass status, filled me with good spirit. I had arrived in the comfort of a British Airways A380 Airbus and the juxtaposition of these two worlds, separated by mere minutes and […]

enjoy your milk and cookies

The client must receive a positive experience every step of the way throughout the journey. A good rule of thumb is to under-promise and over-deliver, setting expectations from the beginning. A swift response is always very impressive to a client, providing regular contact, updates and touch points. The key is to never take your client […]

Brand – the hidden asset

It is only when a company is sold, that the acquiring entity can capitalise this brand value and actually include it on the balance sheet. This will typically be in form of good which is the surplus value over the equity, which the acquiring company is paying for an entity. The phenomenon of ‘hidden intangibles’ […]

your digital brand. getting the basics right

1)    Brand identification and consistency Effective branding should convey what a business does, what they stand for and what makes them individual; it should also be able to be applied to everything that they produce. A obvious example of effective brand identification and consistency is Apple, but also think Ebay and Google (very topical). They’ve […]

in brands we trust

At Silver, we’re storytelling experts, we work the world’s biggest brands, in every sector, and we know it’s not just as simple as a logo and whizzy website. We understand every brand needs to tell its story and this story is the promise to the customer. It lets them know what you can expect from […]

The fine art of agency finance

We must remember that a company’s financial performance has a direct impact on the financial situation of its directors, managers, employees and suppliers. But what actually does a finance person or department do, to help a company manage its performance? A key element is to have a good understanding of the company’s running costs, resources, […]

'We're all unique'

Most of us accept that the old-style marketing campaigns don’t work. It has to be different, relevant to me, and not the pray and spray one-size-fits-all baloney from when the dinosaurs walked the earth (and by the way a few still do). If you send me a blanket email. I will ignore it. If you […]

Make your movie compelling and viral

1 – Understanding Viral Video Viral by definition: An image, video, piece of information, etc. that is circulated rapidly and widely. Be it on the Internet or in social groups. To understand fully of how to breed such a thing, we have to fully understand the context of a viral video. A viral video isn’t […]

original content is the real king

Overcoming today’s real-life struggles to create stellar content We know that creating original content isn’t easy. According to a recent study conducted by Curata, 69 percent of respondents said they had difficulty creating original content. Another 65 percent claimed they didn’t have the time to do it – but if you want your business to […]

make the call

So how can you chair a conference call to make for a positive, productive and surprisingly enjoyable experience? Here’s how… Remember the five P’s We’re all familiar with the statement ‘Prior planning prevents poor performance’ but this, like any business meeting, is absolutely critical, even if you do have the ability to hide behind the […]

Why Social Media?

Large online social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are transforming the way business is carried out and a company can dramatically increase its brand awareness and drive sales with an effective social strategy. In order to successfully achieve this a business must understand how people across the world connect with them, […]

what's it all about?

A successful content strategy covers 4 important areas which will help you achieve return on marketing investment (ROMI). Understand your audience Before you even start to think about what the title of your next infographic, blog post or email newsletter subject is, you should take the time to fully understand the audience you are wanting […]

really moving story

The Silver video team regularly enjoys getting together to show off to each other about the recent videos that have inspired us. We take it in turns to perform a little ‘set’ of sorts and feel a sense of pride over what we show. It’s a bit like being the first to tip your friends […]

never just a job

As soon as I read the brief I automatically become immersed in the task at hand. My mind goes into overdrive thinking of different ideas. It feels like a mad rush trying to get these thoughts from my mind and onto paper while they are fresh. Once the plans are in place, the animation/ editing […]

once upon a time

To be a good storyteller a brand must listen to its audience to understand desires, beliefs and concerns. It must be authentic, staying true to its core values and beliefs – the reasons why your products and services exist. Brand is a matter of perception, so a story that embodies human challenges creates an experience […]

a very creative hothouse

Working in an agency like Silver causes my definition of the term ‘creative’ to change with every day. It can be used to describe the nature of work that comes from our studio or the way our account team solves every problem, no matter how challenging. But the one thing that connects all of these creative […]

engaging your ecosystem of business leaders

It’s essential you provide fresh, new insights, inspirational ideas that challenge their perspective on business and the way they run it! Ideas with the power to transform. The stories that describe and illustrate this must also excite an emotional human response – The ‘why did this work to move customers along a brand journey’ as […]

let the ideas flow

But we’ve all experienced the dreaded creative block! A blank page, ‘tearing our hair out’ over an elusive concept, momentarily defeated. And then… …We follow the seven simple steps below to guarantee that every idea that leaves our studio is a great one! 1 Utilise the mornings For most, late morning is a good time […]

the imps are back in business

On Monday 18th May two former members of the Imps dug deep into their own pockets to make up the necessary funds. The Imps now have a brand new fleet of shiny motorcycles to start the season. Roy Pratt MBE, Team founder and Director commenting on the generosity said: “we have had 45 successful years […]

high energy from the off

Lunchtime, may find me in a pub garden, a sunny spot in the fabulous town of Cheltenham, or I might make myself comfy at the ‘Whisky bar’ in the office for a necessary break, and to chat with the rest of the crew before getting back to creating! The projects we are involved in are […]

one retail experience

Combining channels should be a fluid process so that users can start the buying process on their laptop/desktop computers, get on the train, open an app and proceed to checking out and buying their goods. Amazon, is a great example of this, they seamlessly link a user’s iOS/Android app to their desktop website and whenever […]

get customer centric

Even for the most established brands, earning and deepening customer loyalty has always been a challenge. Our world has never been richer with more insight into our customers – digital technology is making the world a whole lot smaller and bringing brands far closer to their customers, providing a snapshot of everyday lives, trends and […]

Mobile Mobile Mobile

Now more than ever should you start making moves towards integrating mobile into your marketing strategies. What does it mean to integrate mobile into your strategy? Put simply, you need to understand how your users are interacting with your products, sites and campaigns on their devices and make changes so that you make it second […]

big data is getting smart

Concentrating on data accuracy is key. We need high quality data that is up-to-date real-time and reflects the modern world of human activity, enabling us to gain real insight for better business decision making – And not just business. Think how the medical profession could benefit from total people-wide accurate real-time data to predict outbreaks […]

an innovative life lesson

I always look to develop my skills and knowledge, whether it’s on a personal or professional level. There is nothing better than learning a new process to quicken productivity and help the other creatives in the work we produce. Is innovation and creativity something that can be taught? Sure, I could spend a few hours […]

What’s in an email?

So, what’s in an email? In this day and age people are bombarded with emails on a daily basis (roughly 27 emails per day, 10,000 per year! Warwick Business School 2014) and making sure that your email is viewed and clicked should be high in your agenda. Below are some of the areas that you […]

get your audience hooked

Creating advertising that is agreeable alongside personal content in social feeds, which connect to a consumer emotionally is a challenge… but also an opportunity. Greater connectivity gives extraordinary levels of access to information, and more importantly for an authentic brand, the ability to share with peers instantly. Social content is very different to traditional channels. […]

our creative recipe

The recipe A slug of coffee Our creatives run on caffeine, so the coffee machine for starters is constantly churning out the strong, intense flavours of Arpegio. The vital ingredient Before starting any design work, we take the time to immerse ourselves in the brief: understand what the project is really about; what function it […]

every second counts

In no particular order, the branding implements for the job include: ·      A suitably groomed ‘face’ for the brand. ·      A retail line-up led by someone with experience of turning around the image of a luxury brand. ·      A convincing design team equally admired by Gold cardholders on Rodeo Drive, as well as MasterCard swipers […]

awwwards round up

Day 1: Haraldur Thorleifsson – Real artists ship Haraldur Thorleifsson, from Uneo opened the event up with an interesting talk about how it’s easy to design something nice in Photoshop. However, designing something that solves many business problems, selling to multiple stakeholders and looks nice is a lot harder. He went on to explain that […]

love digital and chocolate

Technologies such as Skype have certainly affected my life in a positive way; they have enabled me to keep in regular contact with friends and family across the UK and the world. I love the fact that within a few clicks I can be video calling with my mum in South Yorkshire, my twin sister […]

awwwards Barcelona 2015

We arrived in Barcelona Spain earlier and have set up camp in our efficient and spartan fifth floor apartment, close to the centre of town. A sea of laptops and smart phones was immediately hooked into the wi-fi. Our home from home for three days has a balcony over looking a busy square and the […]

efficient and creative: is it even possible?

We need structure and measurement in order to achieve goals, meet deadlines, and stay within budget, and I believe that creativity and efficiency must work in motion together to execute a concept from ideal to actual in the most efficient and effective way. Silver is a creative agency at heart, with the freedom and stimulus […]

what you know, and who!

  With this understanding we can see the value of growing and nurturing our ecosystems. Fueling them with high-value relevant and useful information – through new services, additional functionality and revitalised content. This increases the the scale of your ecosystem and makes it more useful and valuable to all within it. Take Google for example, […]

a day in my life at silver

Curt, Lisa, and I get together for a morning run through and enthusiastically update each other on the latest video projects, discussing what there is to tackle this week. We have a new video to begin which means grabbing paper and pen and beginning to storyboard ideas. After spending a few hours bouncing ideas off […]

is it real or is it a dream

  Anything appears possible, as so ably demonstrated by Framestore with their resurrection of Audrey Hepburn for a Galaxy chocolate ad. Mike McGee of Framestore suggests that ‘Replicating a human is the mecca of visual effects (VFX)’, claiming this project to be an industry first. Hollywood and the major advertising agencies have generated a huge […]

movies that move people

  Recent studies show that we remember the more emotive events, the more pleasant the emotion the more we remember in time. Unpleasant emotions are remembered for a time, but the more pleasant the emotion, the longer the event is remembered. So from this we can see it is easy to suggest that using emotive content […]

content marketing for human engagement

  The landscape of media consumption is constantly changing for consumers and shows no signs of reaching a ‘new norm’. To remain relevant, brands need to know how to engage and connect with their audience on their terms. In this ever-changing landscape of media consumption, one element is omnipresent: you can’t just sell to people […]

the importance of user experience design

UX Design takes into account many different factors including: Usability Design Speed Accessibility Why UX Design for your next campaign? Through research into your current apps/websites UX Designers are able to pinpoint what areas are working and what needs tweaking. Likewise, if you are starting from scratch we can use our industry knowledge and research […]

you get the picture!

  The popularity of the infographic has increased with the rise of social media and the demand for instant results. We as users now find ourselves getting all the information we need from 140 characters and short, concise posts. We don’t want to read page after page of overwhelming reports to find what we are […]

driving change

Due to the time it takes to get a car to market, through R&D, design styling, market analysis pre-manufacture, safety testing and finally manufacturing and distribution, the internet generation has moved on a step so automotive technology always appears one step behind. A sentiment widely acknowledged by the automotive industry. However huge advances are in […]

silver one team

In today’s age of reason, it is time for intelligent, individualised brand communications that people buy into, rather than promises that sell them out. Quite simply, the more you empower, the more they engage. This also stands true for a best-in-class client facing team. After all people buy from people and an authentic account manager, […]

give your new brand life

In order to bring a brand to life, every interaction must be engaging, relevant, authentic and consistent: 1. Engaging We live in a fast paced world, with people exposed to c.5000 marketing messages every day. A successful brand engages with people, it gets their attention and holds their interest. It engages in a way that stands […]

digital trends for 2015

Mobile domination Following on from our blog last year where we discussed the value of mobile first design and development, it has now become clear that mobile is here to stay and dominate over the next year. In Q1 of 2014, smartphone ownership was just below laptop ownership at 61% and 63% respectively (Source: Ofcom […]

engaging the hyper-connected generation

The landscape of media consumption is constantly changing for consumers and shows no signs of reaching a ‘new norm’. To remain relevant, brands need to know how to engage and connect with their audience on their terms. In this ever-changing landscape of media consumption, one element is omnipresent: you can’t just sell to people any […]

let's share the adventure

This also stands true for our ‘best-in-class’ client facing team. After all it is said: ‘people buy people’. An Account Manager, empowered and confident, can unlock a clients’ full potential to enable them to succeed. Oodles of energy, smarter thinking and driven ambition means it’s ‘boom time’ for everyone! It’s important for us to ‘keep […]

it's all in the mix

To help connect with you consumer your content needs to be wherever and whenever the consumer wants them to be and “mobile” is not so much a device-type as a behaviour or state of mind. Smartphone usage has increased to 68% in 2014, from 62% in 2013 and 32% of UK consumers now make new […]

in the footsteps of giants

Being highly available
 Customers today are more time poor then ever before, however, they are now more information rich with access to online forums, social media, websites, and video content. The ‘e-customers’ now choose when and how to interact with brands in ways that best suit them, so being readily available to interact at all […]

from the heart

The conclusion from a recent study by The University of British Columbia is that donors feel happiest if they give to a charity via a friend, relative or social connection rather than simply making an anonymous donation to a worthy cause. This is most certainly the case for the team at Silver. Our long-term support […]

the colourful language of political reform

The language of the campaign brand Yes is such a positive word and one of the most powerful. ‘Yes we can’, ‘Yes please’. And although ‘yes’ supports risk-taking courage and an open-hearted approach to life it’s not all plain sailing. Psychological experiments have demonstrated that it is difficult to get people to say it because […]

creating the belief in your campaigns

Let’s start at the beginning. What’s your proposition? Why will customers want to buy your product? The greatest marketing strategies are grounded in customer insight and understanding the market. Depending on your product or service this can vary in scale from quantitative market research through to focus groups or  workshops. How will you connect with your […]

forget us and them – this is between you...

Communications agility Google research shows that consumers assess 10.4 sources of online information including; online forums, reviews, videos, blogs and websites … before making buying decisions. Greater connectivity gives extraordinary levels of access to information. People are extending their business ecosystems with unprecedented levels of shared, independent, often agnostic, opinions and user group support. Silver […]

the global village #createthebelief

Instant news feeds from friends, family, a global network of journalists and pundits have changed the way we stay informed. The democratisation of information first scales, then rips down walls of knowledge-segregation. Hungry for information, people are consuming it at an ever-increasing rate. Yet, without relevance or meaning, information blurs into interference. It’s time for […]

onwards and upwards

On this occasion I have raised more than £13,200.00 thanks to my generous supporters, as my contribution towards the more than £600,000.00 raised so far by Dallaglio Cycle Slam 2014 Day 1 Treviso – Belluno Leaving the walled city of Treviso, home of Cicli Pinarello the route took to the quieter rural roads following the […]

beyond great service

I see my role delivering three critical outcomes: Ensure efficient and full utilisation of project resources. Deliver all projects on time and within budget. Ensure Silver delivers the agreed objectives and desired results. In my experience there are some recurring features of all the projects we procure: firstly change ­­– every project, however large or […]

what a year that was

I had been able to program basic HTML, CSS and javascript websites for some time but now I was ready to be taught the good stuff. My first project was built on the WordPress platform which I had little previous experience working with. This required me to learn quickly and I did just that, getting […]

a picture or a thousand words

Studies have shown that audiences retain 58% more information if their auditory and visual senses are stimulated. Therefore it is crucial that your videos combine audio and visual messages. This will not only reduce the amount of time needed to tell your story, but will allow greater retention of information. And when your audience digests […]

the bloggers blog

Well, simply put, blogging is a chance to show off your knowledge on a subject, and moreover a chance to connect with people through a shared interest. For businesses it can be an opportunity to project a more human, reflective aspect of their identity. Being on the pulse and thinking like a consumer is a […]

loving the people

Employee marketing needs to be approached in the same way you would approach an external marketing campaign – have a budget, do the research, plan and execute. You really need to find out what makes your employees tick. What is going to incentivize them to be that productive, committed and loyal employee who wants to […]

designing super brands

Designers develop then infuse the ‘essence’ of a brand across all communications. Power brands like beauty are more than skin deep. They nurture trust and build customer loyalty. In a 2007 survey of the value of global brands by branding agency Interbrand, Coca-Cola’s brand equity was valued at $65.3bn. The power of the Coca-Cola brand […]

putting you in the picture

‘Content is King’ in all of the illustrations and infographics we create here at Silver. Customer requirements drive us to look for inspiration in the digital world in which we are immersed – constantly connected and plugged into our surroundings, whether it’s sharing information online with friends, or exploring somewhere new, phone in hand. For […]

putting you in the frame

  In the beginning Charles Ginsburg led an Ampex research team developing one of the first practical video tape recorder (VTR) which led, in 1951, to the first video tape recorder capturing live images from television cameras, converting the camera’s electrical impulses and saving the information onto magnetic video tape. In those days a video […]

no ordinary working day

At this point in the morning I usually set myself up at the ‘Whiskey Bar’ hot desk to catch up with clients about their latest campaign or to update them on how their website refresh is coming along. Every project and every client is unique, and I believe that one of the greatest aspects of […]

Online trends emerging in 2014

Flat design, inspired by Apple When Apple first released iOS 7 (September 2013) we were all a little bit skeptical about its looks, as it seemed that Jony Ive had gone a little over the top in simplifying the user experience in Apple devices. It didn’t take long though, to realise that what was a […]

Silver charity elf campaign – the results

Visitors to the campaign microsite were invited to create their personalised elf, name it, choose it an outfit and share it on social media platforms. Although raising funds wasn’t a primary goal, there was also an option to donate to the charity, and some did. The idea behind the campaign was the brainchild of Silver […]

Which coffee brand are you?

A global desire for a daily coffee fix has seen fresh coffee franchise opportunities popping up on every street corner. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth, after oil. Grown on trees in the ‘bean belt’, between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer The English are well known for their love of a […]

The business of getting social in 2014

Powerful broadband networking, nano computer technology and the proliferation of ‘Smartphones’ have lead to the huge growth of information consumption ‘on the go’. The population is now constantly connected and plugged in, generating, sharing and consuming data at an incredible rate. Multi-channel media is continually developing. Now, in the US, more people watch YouTube than […]

Life is going to get a little simpler

This leads me to my first prediction. Infographics have been slowly growing in popularity over the last few years, and in these days of multi-channel information infographics are more useful than ever. Here at Silver we use them as a constituent part of many brand developments and marketing campaigns, working closely with our in-house illustrator. […]

Silver: The workplace where no two days are ever...

It’s 8.00am on a Monday morning, and unlike most, this is an exciting time for me. My mind starts to wander as I travel into the Silver offices, navigating its way through a minefield of questions and statements… “What surprises will this Silver week have in store for me?” “I can’t wait to see the […]

The Next Generation of Business Marketing & Engagement

We have seen more and more of our clients introducing social marketing into their campaigns. But around 75% of marketers admit that they still don’t have visibility on actual ROI resulting from their social marketing. Social marketing is, by many, still seen as an awareness activity. For those with a lead generation target over their […]

C-suite marketing – getting past the gatekeeper

Access to the right information at the right time is critical and providing an effective communications engine is an art that we’re adept at building and delivering. From 2005 to 2010 I learned my craft, producing and delivering mobile content to major UK and US mobile carriers, such as O2 and Vodafone. We used to say ‘content is king’ […]

Intelligent Nurture Marketing!

Take the ’sales and marketing’ adage – ‘right message, right product, right place, right time’ – this certainly still stands. However, in increasingly competitive and complex markets with longer sales cycles and multiple decision makers to influence, it’s much more difficult to gauge the ‘right time’ element. Furthermore, with the available information and, more importantly, […]

Create, love and share them!

WellChild Director of Marketing & Communications Tom de Pass said: “We are delighted to welcome the elves and thank Silver for kindly creating an online community to home them. We hope this fun site will help spread the message about WellChild’s team of nurses who provide essential support to hundreds of families with seriously ill […]

Music and brand – it's a powerful mix

The power of music should never be taken lightly. Music allows brands to make an emotional connection with their customers, strengthening bonds and increasing loyalty.  Take a minute to think about how music influences our lives. Just hearing a certain chord or verse from a song can transport us back to a particular point in […]

Why is typography so important?

Typography plays a major role in making any design successful. Have you ever seen a billboard on the side road where the font is too small, or maybe a poster that has an unreadable font? This happens all too often, and that’s why in every situation a designer has to consider the right fit for […]

Delivering on the Silver brand promise

A brand promise is the commitment to deliver made between the brand and its audience, which is ultimately there to encourage a sale. The promise is shaped by different elements such as the capabilities, character, positioning and values of that company – and all this packaged up gives a company its uniqueness. This doesn’t happen […]

Why should someone invest in branding?

1.      Why should someone invest in branding? We see brand as the total experience that customers, prospects, employees and shareholders have of your organisation. As such, everything that your company does and everything that it says has an impact on how people perceive you. In the era of social media companies can’t bury their heads […]

Work experience

Silver ensures the whole team is engaged and that the students make the most of their sneak preview into the working world. Although structured, our programme for work experience students is very flexible to ensure it works for everyone, combining a mix of project work and also work shadowing. We also ensure they make use […]

Making the right mark

I have learnt a lot throughout my 9 years of designing and Silver use the same brand rules that the big industry players live by to help them succeed. The super brands that succeed follow 3 simple rules when it comes to brand communication, as follows: 1 – Say hello to Mr Brand: Your brand […]

Silver in the Running! Cheltenham 1/2 Marathon

There are eight staff members from Silver giving it a go, from their creative studio and account management team. There could be a couple of stars among them finishing on a good time, with a few others lagging behind lapping up the atmosphere and even perhaps brushing shoulders with a few celebrities! Events such as […]

Murray Mania sweeps the sun baked nation

Yes, on 7th July 2013, Murray Mania finally reached its peak. In a 12-hour period, the final was mentioned over 3.4 million times on Twitter, with Murray accumulating 40,000 tweets per minute at one point. Murray’s first tweet after the match, ‘Can’t believe what’s just happened!!!!!!!’ received 92,718 retweets and 72,277 favourites, and throughout the […]

Colouring pens and infographics

As humans we are very visual beings, with almost 50% of our brains being used for processing visuals. People’s attention spans are decreasing by the day due to the sheer amount of information that they are presented with (which is definitely not helped by the outrageous frequency of adverts on the TV!) Give someone the […]

Brick and mortar – only skin deep?

Brick and mortar stores will still be an important part of the customer experience, but the way customers are behaving on the path to purchase is radically changing. It’s all about all channels colliding to connect the entire shopping ecosystem and experience. So what exactly do we mean by omni-channel? Omni-channel is a result of […]

Re cycling – I've come along way in three...

I bought a bike and started training and ‘I haven’t looked back since’. I joined a couple of trips to cycle in the Maraton d’les Dolomites 2011 and to cycle through The Stelvio pass to keep my legs in. I’d seen the 52 hairpin bends on Top Gear but to actually cycle up them was […]

Run, Paul, Run! London Marathon 2013

As part of the Silver Lining initiative, Silver stepped up to help Paul conquer his goal of running over 400 miles for SSAFA Forces Help, supplying him with a brand identity, running kit, website design and hosting. I was able to catch up with Paul to find out more about the campaign and collect his […]

Designs of the Year, Design Museum, London

The work ranged from app design to the Olympic torch design to garment design to cigarette packaging. One of the most interesting pieces for me was the Australian cigarette packaging. I was unaware of the strict compulsory regulations regarding the purchasing of cigarettes in Australia. Logos and branding are banned and a large area of […]

Dividing a nation, sending the world a’twitter

Margaret Thatcher’s death yesterday did, of course, take the social media world by storm. With 900 posts per minute in the first 3 hours of her passing, the whole world was debating, sharing and tweeting their thoughts about Britain’s only female Prime Minister – and it seems she divided the nation just as much in […]

5 signs that your website design needs refreshing

1. Is the number of people visiting your website declining? Declining website visitors is the number one indication that you should redesign your website to incorporate best practice principles of on-page search engine optimisation. Stats don’t lie so make sure you regularly check whether your website is receiving many views and take action before you […]

Letting go of the comfort blanket!

Here at Silver Agency we have helped many companies define their strategy and the role digital and social media plays within their brand and the wider communications mix. Silver Agency has seen the drive of digital innovation especially in online video highly likely due to the mobile viewing solutions encouraged by tablet and smartphone developments. […]

D is for Digital Princess

The child is set to be the most tweeted, blogged-about and photographed baby in history, and the first of many world leaders with a digital trail following them from birth. With the nation and indeed the world clamouring for pictures of Baby Cambridge, William and Catherine will have to lay themselves bare to the media […]

Don’t Let Usability Break B2B Marketing Strategies

So why does this trend keep occurring? In brief, B2B websites face usability challenges far beyond those of most B2C sites. These challenges include: Multifaceted products/services Due to the nature of B2B products being tailor-made and price adjusted, they are seldom available for purchase through online platforms. Because of this complexity, the trend is to […]

Make the most out of video advertising

Hands up who saw Katie’s blog on David Beckham’s new video for H&M the other week? If you didn’t read the blog, you must have seen the video. The video is proof that online video is not just a pretty face, having achieved some pretty impressive statistics – going viral in just a few days […]

Direct marketing is right on target

Direct marketing has galloped ahead over the past few years, thanks to new technologies and capabilities making it easier to identify and target specific segments of the market – meaning that marketers can create effective, highly targeted direct marketing campaigns that are reaching the right people at the right time. Times are tough and budgets […]

How can Vine benefit us?

We’re only too aware of how important it is to capture people’s attention quickly, so this short timeframe can be seen as a big positive. Knowing you only have to give up 6 seconds feels less intrusive to people who are busy/at work/have low bandwidth – and hopefully means people will think more about what […]

Promote your blog with a few pointers

When creating your blog promotion strategy for 2013 ensure that you add these three key strategies to get you on your way. 1. Share your posts on Social Media Sharing your blog and each post that you write via social media should be your first avenue for promotion. The number of monthly active Twitter and […]

Powerful advertising at this year's Superbowl

This year’s biggest advert is arguably GoDaddy’s ‘When Sexy-meets-Smart’ featuring the supermodel Bar Refaeli having a full-on snog with IT geek, Jesse Heiman. It leaves an image you’ll find hard to shake off – giving Go Daddy some serious credibility in the advertising department. Another advert extravagant enough to match the atmosphere of the Superbowl, was the […]

Design Criticism as a Spectator Sport

Vinny is not alone, it’s strange to think little things such as the packaging of your orange juice would trigger such a response from everyday people. We still remember the controversy around the Olympics 2012 logo and how it provoked so much discussion amongst the public. We all have an opinion on design and so […]

The 'No Noise' initiative at Selfridges

This may be exactly what we need during crazy January sales in a space full of people. The new and improved Silence Room has been designed by architect, Alec Cochrane and will open on January 11th. As well as the Silence Room, Selfridges have partnered up with Headspace, the modern meditation experts, to enhance your […]

Advertising the adverts with Harvey the Dog

Maybe you remember their advert with the dog, Harvey, at the rescue centre – showcasing his talents in a showreel to prospective owners, and at the end, so confident of his advertising he’s sat there with his suitcase giving them his ‘puppy eyes’. This time he’s back with another advert, trying to convince his owner […]

Extraordinary stories about ordinary things

Every New Year brings a bunch of new New Year’s resolutions and one at Silver is to go to more exhibitions and see even more creative work out there! One that has caught our eye is ‘Extraordinary stories about ordinary things’ which will be at the Design Museum from the end of this month. This exhibition […]

The Sledgehammer Campaign for Prostate Cancer

Another charity advertising campaign that also caught our eye was another one for prostate cancer using the comedian, Bob Monkhouse, a few years ago. Using someone who’d actually died of the disease was a strong move, and with a catchy strapline like ‘Give a few Bob‘ – it’s consistent and catchy. We’ve recently designed the […]

Virgin’s new campaign offers alternative to “bland and beige”

Virgin Atlantic Marketing Director Simon Lloyd says: “We wanted to capture the essence of Virgin Atlantic with this new campaign and bring the glamour and fun back into long-haul travel. “Flying in the Face of Ordinary’ is more than a marketing campaign; it is a powerful brand proposition and long-term platform”. Having recently shot a […]

Festive Print – Some inspirational christmas cards

In my search, I found a christmas jumper card (@Silver_MattH loves them), a collection of conkers (my favourite – they make me feel christmassy without really knowing why) and a modern take on the ‘family portrait’. Enjoy and tell us what your favourite is… #silverchristmas.

Cassette Tape Pictures by Benoit Jammes

Back in the 70s and 80s, the simplicity and aesthetic qualities of the cassette tape was loved. I still remember my Mr Blobby tape that was constantly played in the car! These pictures are beautifully handmade with a fun factor, transforming basic tape cassette shells into exciting works of art. Like Jammes says, ‘Many enjoy […]

Marilyn and N°5 – Inside CHANEL

What inspired Marilyn’s world-famous reply? Discover the answer…

Kate Bosworth sings and looks stylish for Topshop

In the lead up to the campaign launch, a selection of teaser films were released, obscuring Kate’s face, with the hashtag #whosthatgirl.  A competition was also run, with images of Kate positioned next to iconic London landmarks – those who correctly guessed her identity were in with the chance of winning a £500 spending spree […]

Tools I couldn’t live without

My leaf – Coda – Coda is a great one window web development tool that makes editing code a breeze. It integrates nicely with GIT version control and works really fast. My truck – Transmit – Transmit comes from the same family as Coda so therefore the user interface is really clean and simple. This […]

The Pop-Up Typography Emporium

The Pop-up Typography Emporium is taking place this weekend, between the 1st and 2nd of December at the Chocolate Factory N16. The project is made up of typographical pieces by Sarah Hyndman of With Relish to see and to buy. A good find for designer friends, from screen-printed Dalston posters to glow-in-the-dark greeting cards. The […]

Responsive Websites

How does ‘responsive’ work? There are many ways to make responsive sites but the most common way is using advanced CSS3 and JavaScript to detect what size the browser is set to. Once the CSS / JavaScript has detected the width then the elements on the page will break down and position themselves into neat […]

The new ITV logo

There has already been major criticism in the design world, triggering debates, as ITV is such a well-known brand. The main concern at the moment is that the curved letters of the ‘I’ and ‘t’ may be seen as a ‘w’. The network itself has described the logo as ‘a warm, bold design based on […]

Making of John Lewis Christmas 2012 Ad

Last year, John Lewis won the battle with their advert titled ‘For gifts you can’t wait to give’ and we think they may have done it again with ‘The Journey’. This years entry: ‘The Journey The advert is called ‘The Journey’ and it opens in a family’s snow-covered garden, with children making a snowman and […]

Version Control and why you should use it

There are many different types of versioning but the two main ones that are being used the most are Subversion (SVN) and GIT. The Concept of Version Control Version control works by setting up a central repository on a server or on a computer on your local network. Users can then connect to the repository […]

London Olympics – why we're proud

With the Olympics around the corner, everyone is talking about it, be it the negatives of the security handling or the excitement of London hosting the biggest events in the world. All eyes are on us, so to speak. Of course we cannot help but be drawn back to the London Olympic logo and the […]

Webfonts – how to use them

Webfonts have been around for a very long time, but the support for them across multiple browsers has been poor, mainly with Internet Explorer. The problem that this has caused designers and developers alike is that they have been restricted to what fonts a user has installed on their computers, for example Arial, Helvetica and […]

Design well placed

Graham (our Creative Director) likes to keep the office in good shape and so a recent touch of his, is ‘The Silver Wall’ which sits within our conference room. See the picture to the right for his framed highlights from the Silver Magazine. Not only do we get to show visitors what we can do, […]

Twitter Re-brand

If you’ve been keeping up to date on Twitter recently, you will notice a slight change in the logo. It seems the old logo has flown away and left room for the new logo. The logo has been simplified and uses sets of overlapping circles in threes. The light blue colour has also been replaced […]

Apple reveals iOS 6

Apple has come up with a great product that helps people out in their day-to-day lives. Photography is a big part of our creative lives and we are always shooting everywhere we go and can’t imagine our lives without our phone handy to take pics on the go. In the Silver studio this week, there […]

The Swiss Army Knife of bikes

Everything about the design of this bike screams Swiss design, from the simplicity of the frame to the subtle type on either side. Boja Garcia has stayed true to this “Swiss style”, using the traditional red and white colours with the Swiss flag on the front and of course featuring the name of Helvetica designer, […]

Silver Slam raises money for Stepping Stones Nigeria

It is inspiring and great to read stories about how we can help charities, like Nigeria Stepping Stones. Such as, the Story of Bebor International Model School and Stepping Stones Nigeria in their newsletter “The air stinks, the water stinks, and even the fish and crabs caught in Bodo creek smell of pure “sweet bonny” […]

Olympics leaves Cheltenham feeling warm inside.

We piled out of Eagle Tower to join the masses and see what all the fuss was about. We found ourselves standing on the street outside of the Silver offices, just in time to see the torch being jogged past our eyes. It was incredible to see it first hand and the atmosphere was epic […]

We're now on Pinterest

Pinterest was actually launched in March, 2010 and has now grown 4000% in the last six months! It has 17 million users a month and drives more referral traffic than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined. Images can be uploaded from personal computers or pinned onto a themed board using the ‘pin it’ button which we […]

In the studio this week…

The Design team have also been working with a new client, Hazlewoods, a firm of Tax Advisers and Chartered Accountants. We have been working on some exhibition material for the accountancy firm, which will be featured at the dentistry show at Birmingham NEC in a few days. Also, we are now working on further material […]

Guardian – Viral video of the week

I was scrolling through Twitter on lunch today and came across this awesome video. I haven’t yet seen it on TV as yet but I’m really loving the production on this video! If you get a spare two minutes be sure to stop what you are doing and watch this advert! Clever stuff!  

Another social media platform, another circle of friends…

Google Circles seems more tailored to the individual as apposed to a business. This is because you have ‘circles’ of friends – close ones, acquaintances, work colleagues etc. – and therefore you can decide what information each circle gets to see. No more insights into your personallife with someone you barely know. Instead only your […]

Nissan Qashqai – Viral video of the week

It’s that time of week again, the Monday morning rush is out of the way and so time for my viral video for this week. This week I have found this advert for the Nissan Qashqai. It features one of my favourite Illustrators, McBess. We are really into our animations here at Silver and this it […]

The Silver Wallpaper Challenge…download yours now!

As designers, we do use pantone colours regularly and from the day we got the brief, the competition began…with only onewinner to be chosen by the Accounts guys. After a competitive week in the studio, the day of the deadline approached…and the atmosphere was excitable yet tense, who was going to win? Each creative took […]

In the studio…

The studio have been working with Corporate Rewards, creating exhibition stands, brand guidelines and printed collateral. It has been great working on the brand guidelines reinforcing what we have created as well as seeing it come to life on big stands. Their website has also been a big part of this, bringing it in line […]

More 4 – Viral Wednesdays

Whilst on a hunt for inspiration, we stumbled across this cool re-brand! We love the mixture of handmade and digital.  

Renaults new electric card advert

We love the new Renault advert, it’s clever and makes you think about the energy we needlessly use.

Facebook goes to the Stock Market

To put this in perspective, Facebook will now be valued at more than Mcdonalds and Yahoo!  All from an idea which was developed in 2004 for use as a University Networking platform. Here are a few facts which just show how the organisation has taken massive steps to world domination – There are more than […]

Silver Slam hits the headlines

Staff from Silver World-Wide, an agency based in the old Eagle Tower are taking part in a 24-hour tennis match. Seven employees hope their endeavours will raise £3,500 for the Stepping Stones Nigeria and The Sam Pilcher Trust. Merrick Cardew, Account Director, said he hoped other players would drop by and join in. The special game of endurance is being held at […]

We are huge fans of the new Weight Watchers...

A fab piece of editing on the new Weight Watchers TV advert, which features Alesha Dixon. Keep an eye out for the slick camera work

App of the week – 12 Days of Christmas

As it’s the time of being festive and there are gifts flying all over the place, isn’t it about time we had an app that gives us something back? After all our purchases this year – I think its only fair. Well, Santa has been to Apple HQ and hey presto – the 12 Days […]

Adam's Smallholder range now available at Countrywide stores!

Silver designed the packaging for Adam Henson’s Smallholder range which was featured in Design Week earlier this year. It is great to see all the bottles and tubs on the shelves with all the range. Adam Henson’s smallholder range of animal feeds and supplements ensure the health and vitality of the smallholder animals. From laying […]

Our La Tasca logo is now in supermarkets nationwide!

Silver designed restaurant chain, La Tasca’s new logo which is now in selected restaurants, including Windsor and Bluewater. It’s great to see our Spanish inspired logo on the new sauces that La Tasca have introduced in supermarkets nationwide! This is a very exciting part of what we do, to see our brands come to life […]

App of the Week – RunKeeper

Run Keeper This is a fab app for the fitness fanatics among us. We are a fit and healthy bunch at Silver and this app is one of those gems which help you along with your plan. This app uses your iPhone’s tech to its full potential. Its uses your GPS to track your activity, […]

Titanic in 3D, what's next?

Most people have watched Avatar, Cameron’s epic science fiction film in 2009 and the 3D effects used were amazing. Although, the science fiction subject may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, most people took the time to go and see it because of it’s impact on the world of 3D cinema. From the blue […]

John Lewis just keep doing great ad's

Yet another beautiful advert from john Lewis..

Olympic Posters 2012…Do you have a favourite?

These posters have already caused a lot of controversy this week! My personal favourite is the beautiful poster ‘LOndOn 2012’ created by Rachel Whiteread, who is actually a sculptor. We love how her random print is made up of Olympic rings using colourful bottle and glass rings. It’s great to see how everyday objects can […]

Top tips for ISO5

Here are 5 of the easy ones, which may have slipped past you… 1. Maps – When you search for a destination, you now have three options for your route. They also show you the time and distance of your journey. 2. Camera – There are two key updates here.  The first is the shortcut from the locked screen.  […]

Apple of our eye

This week Steve Jobs came from his sick bed to release the iCloud to the world, with Apple now jumping the queue to the top of the virtual cloud league. At Silver, we love our Apple products and always wait with baited breath when a new product comes along – and the iCloud is no […]


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