22nd November 2017

B2B Marketing Basics: Quality over Quantity

You just want the opportunity to start the conversation and the chance to demonstrate some serious credentials.

The trouble is no one’s listening.

Well, that might not be entirely true. The law of averages suggests 4.4% of those you could send a direct mail to might respond, 2% for email, 0.15% for online display ads. But that still leaves 95%+ of the audience viewing you as (at best) nothing more than background noise.

Don’t become just another statistic

Yes, audience dynamics have changed, as have the way people interact with and consume information that’s ‘pushed’ out to them. Yes, the end-to-end customer journey has changed. And yes, that means the rules relating to how you can build and maintain meaningful relationships are also changing.

That said, the opportunity still exists for creating standout communications. Campaigns with the capacity to interest, intrigue and engage your audiences – formed from a clever mix of content and creative that’s smart, original and relevant. Peak information may be today’s reality for marketers. But it’s only peak in terms of quantity, not quality.

As Rosa Luxemburg wrote: ‘Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for the one who thinks differently.’ Your task is simply to make sure that each activity you deliver in your marketing for your SME is head and shoulders above what’s already out there.