18th July 2017

B2B Brand Basics – How to Name your Business

He founded B2B leviathan Gyro in London in 1991 and progressed on to his latest brand and marketing agency Silver based in London and Cheltenham, as well as finding the time to launch an FMCG milk drink brand called Bam.
His advice is to give your business a name with either one or two syllables. His first company was called Gyro, his next company is called Silver and his most recent company is called BAM. He recommends shorter syllable names because they’re easy to remember, they’re pithy and they don’t describe in any way shape or form their product set.
It’s more important to be first in the hearts and minds of your customers than to be technologically first. Graham believes you must love your own brand. It should feel right to you. The emotion attached to the name is key to creating brand loyalty and over time, brand equity. Of course, it’s very tough to be original and simple in such a crowded brand savvy, but simplicity and consistency are key attributes in creating a memorable brand.

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