26th February 2015

awwwards round up

Day 1:
Haraldur Thorleifsson – Real artists ship
Haraldur Thorleifsson, from Uneo opened the event up with an interesting talk about how it’s easy to design something nice in Photoshop. However, designing something that solves many business problems, selling to multiple stakeholders and looks nice is a lot harder.
He went on to explain that a designer needs to fully understand the project before jumping straight into Photoshop. Creating wireframes (“flat design turned grey”) and web prototypes can be the key to final sign off on a project of any size. You must always strive to gain trust through constant communication with the key stakeholder allowing the project to run smoothly, keeping to agreed budgets and deadlines.
Tobias van Schneider – Side Projects are Stupid
We didn’t really know what to expect from Tobias van Schneider’s talk on ‘Side projects are stupid’. Tobias, who was awarded with ‘Independent Designer of the year’ at the conference, took to the stage with his incredible beard and went on to say “Side projects are stupid, because they have to be”. How many times have you had an idea and not seen it through because someone told you that it didn’t have legs or it was just crap? Tobias, Art Director at Spotify, explained that you if someone tells you to stop working on a project or it isn’t going anywhere, you should ignore them… In order for side projects to truly succeed, they have to be stupid!!
Day 2:
Hvass And Hannibal – Collaboration – Making/Thinking/Illustrating Together
Hvass&Hannibal is a multi-disciplinary arts and design studio based in Copenhagen. When Nan Na Hvass was introduced everyone wondered how her talk was going to fit in at a web design and development conference but her talk and examples of the agencies work was a great reminder on the importance of finding inspiration from anything and from anywhere, whatever industry you are in. The agency always looks at pushing boundaries in their illustrations, passing a piece of work back and forth with the other, perfecting and adding new strokes until they both agree that they can’t go any further.
Henry Daubrez – No guts, No glory
Henry is Creative Director at Dogstudio in Belgium. Dogstudio won ‘Site of the year’ with Dragone at this years conference and you can see why whilst he walked us through the site during his talk. His talked and supporting slides were full of humour. He used animated gifs and video allowing the audience to keep wanting more and follow his every word. His main message from his talk was to dream big, fail bigger and always trust your gut. Taking the bold decisions and integrating research and development into projects allowed his agency to look at projects with a different perspective.