7th September 2018

Are you guilty of these common branding mistakes?

To help you through the challenge, here are a few common branding mistakes to avoid. Check them out and see if your company needs to address your brand strategy.



This is a big one. A consistent brand identity builds a sense of trust and comfort for consumers, and can go a long way in building an easily recognizable image for your company.
To keep your brand consistency throughout your work, you should create a brand style guide. It’s a simple rulebook of preferred fonts, colours, imagery, logos, brand values, tone of voice, and other written elements.

Introducing changes poorly

There’s nothing wrong with rebranding, unless you approach it the wrong way. Consider that any changes you make to an established brand will reduce the connection that your customers have built with it. Make sure you only make changes when the benefits outweigh the risks of losing business.
If you do decide to make changes, you need to clearly educate your followers on the changes you’re making – but also, don’t forget to include your employees! They are your brand advocates and must understand the brand so that they can strongly communicate the messaging you want to share.

Focusing on trends

Keeping up with the latest trends is a great way to make sure you’re presenting your company in a contemporary way, but remember that your brand will need to live through multiple design trends without looking dated.
Design trends can be used as a source of inspiration, but shouldn’t be relied on when creating a brand with longevity in mind.


When developing a brand, it can be tempting to add more variables than you really need. For example, does your logo really need six different colours?
Clean and simple elements are more likely to be recognized and remembered by your customers, so avoid overcomplicating your company’s branded elements. Less is so much more.