13th June 2012

Apple reveals iOS 6

Apple has come up with a great product that helps people out in their day-to-day lives.

Photography is a big part of our creative lives and we are always shooting everywhere we go and can’t imagine our lives without our phone handy to take pics on the go.

In the Silver studio this week, there is talk of the new iOS 6. Naturally we were all really excited to see what Apple had to offer this time around, what could they possibly add to this already jam packed Mobile operating system?

Well for a start, you can now navigate easier with Google Maps, as it now has a ‘Turn-by-turn’ navigation system and as a bonus, Apple have added their own vector graphics for easy viewing and smooth scrolling.

Another feature that seems to be natural progression is the integration of Facebook. Last year, Apple introduced Twitter integration, which has proved quite useful. Now you will be able to post pictures straight after taking it with out any fuss, which we all love! Quick and easy to use.

There are a few other useful features that have been added, like the option to send a message if you can’t answer a call when someone is phoning you. Siri seems to have found a new passion for both Football and Films, as it can now tell you when your favorite team have scored or help you out when you want to take your other half to the cinema.

All in all, it seems Apple have picked up a few loose ends of some of the current features and improved them whilst keeping adding new additions down to a minimum. You can enjoy these brand new features on your iPhone from fall of this year.