10th June 2011

Apple of our eye

This week Steve Jobs came from his sick bed to release the iCloud to the world, with Apple now jumping the queue to the top of the virtual cloud league.
At Silver, we love our Apple products and always wait with baited breath when a new product comes along – and the iCloud is no exception.
iCloud will replace and expand Apple’s current MobileMe service, which allows users to back up files online and sync address books and calendars across devices. Apple are making the basic service free – letting users store files online, backup Apple mobile devices automatically, and sync apps and books bought from Apple automatically to all devices.
The really cool thing is that it also includes iTunes in the Cloud, which lets you download any music you have previously bought through iTunes, wirelessly to your devices at no extra cost. The big down side is, it doesn’t offer Spotify-style wireless streaming of the music – this did let team Silver down as we love Spotify!
In addition, a new paid service called iTunes Match, will scan your music library for files not bought from Apple and ‘mirror’ them in the cloud… very cool!
As an Ipad 2 owner (had to get that in), I was keen to here about the new version of Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch operating system, iOS 5, which will be available in the autumn. As expected, iOS 5 includes a revamped notification system – previously one of the poorest features of Apple’s mobile platform – which looks virtually identical to the one present on their major rival, Google’s Android. And iOS users will no longer have to attach their devices to a computer to start them up, with software updates also arriving wirelessly over the air.
Apple are also releasing their own version of Blackberrys BBM, this will be a conversation platform that lets users carry a single conversation between their various iOS devices. Anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can send unlimited free text messages to anyone else using an iOS device – basically if you have a Blackberry – throw it in the bin
I think it’s fair to say we are huge fan’s – Apple, keep em coming!