18th November 2011

App of the Week – RunKeeper

Run Keeper
This is a fab app for the fitness fanatics among us.
We are a fit and healthy bunch at Silver and this app is one of those gems which help you along with your plan.
This app uses your iPhone’s tech to its full potential. Its uses your GPS to track your activity, showing your route you have travelled and also helps you along with updates on how far you have run and your average speed. You can even upload your progress to Facebook and Twitter!
The interface is big and bold and easy to navigate, displaying your route and activity. For me, the stand out feature is that Runkeeper allows you to play your iPod while running and you can even change tracks, great for when you are hitting the burn and need a track with some ooomph!
At the end of your run, you can see the calories you have burnt and your route and save it. This way you can see your progress over the weeks and see where you are improving…or need to improve.