21st March 2018

Annie Caldeira welcomed as new Manager of Snap Foundation

Snap Foundation have welcomed Annie Caldeira as their new manager to coordinate their projects in the UK’s oncology wards, as well as to raise awareness of Snap and drive their fund-raising activities.
Annie is a seasoned business professional, having worked across pharmaceutical and merchandising, who brings a vast wealth of experience to Snap. A trained life coach with a general interest in sport, Annie will be leading the Snap team from the front.
Snap is the charity foundation Silver, founded by our Chairman, Graham Dodridge, and photographer Remy Whiting.
Snap’s mission is to enable an environment where the image making industry can inspire and educate people in challenging situations to express themselves creatively through photography and film. Their vision is to give everyone a voice through photography and film.
From the townships of South Africa and The Congo to hospital wards in the UK, Snap delivers educational photographic projects to people in challenging environments. This gives everyone the ability to express themselves through images of the world they are experiencing, sometimes in the most difficult circumstances.
Why this media?
Snap uses photography and film to inspire. They reach out to volunteer photographers, filmmakers and animators – whether students, professionals or enthusiasts – to leverage their knowledge and skills to produce their unique programmes.
A ‘picture can speak a thousand words’ when words can seem elusive or inadequate.
Please visit: www.snap.foundation to find out more and to lend your support.