7th January 2014

Silver: The workplace where no two days are ever the same…

It’s 8.00am on a Monday morning, and unlike most, this is an exciting time for me. My mind starts to wander as I travel into the Silver offices, navigating its way through a minefield of questions and statements…
“What surprises will this Silver week have in store for me?”
“I can’t wait to see the how the office whiskey bar will look once complete”
“What entertaining stories will arise from my colleagues’ weekends?”
“I bet that video footage from last week looks great, the props certainly did…”
So, why the varied nature? Well firstly, our projects here at Silver vary hugely, from the smallest task to a quarter long strategic implementation, as do the clients we liaise with and of course, the creative outputs. Not only this, but every day has its own little surprise. This could mean anything from helping some of the team lift our new distressed sofa up nine flights of stairs (this happened on Day 1!) or alternatively being called into the boardroom by Graham, the man behind Silver’s success, and being tasked with attempting to sell a vegetarian a beef burger (yes, this actually happened and supposedly I succeeded!) One minute you can be making a round of tea for the team, and the next you’re working on an EMEA wide marketing campaign for one of the largest IT companies in the world, discussing the project with the most senior members of staff.
Some may dislike the thought of such variety, but personally, I love it – it makes for an unpredictable and exhilarating day. I’m a person who likes detail; I like to know things, and more importantly why such ‘things’ exist and the reason behind it all. Therefore, this total involvement in activity, both minor and major, gives me a fully rounded, holistic view of Silver life. Every client has a different set of priorities and objectives underpinning their project and this is where our job comes in; to meet or exceed these expectations using cutting edge, innovative technology combined with the incredibly creative minds of our design studio to produce something our clients really love!
This is no easy task, especially given the scale of some of our projects and requires the complimentary blend of skills present in the Silver team, from the strategic, highly organised brains of the Account Managers to the design studio who communicate in pictures (not strictly true). The fact this all happens in our beautiful offices is just a bonus. From the moment you step through the door, the freshly laid dark wood flooring instantly catches your eye followed by the recently implemented Whiskey bar (which is still a work in progress). Personally, one of my favourite items has to be the incredibly colourful, fully functioning pinball machine previously owned by The Who! All of this, I believe, plays an important, subconscious part in boosting creativity and helping us to deliver the perfect campaign.
Time for reflection? Rarely. We may have just completed a huge marketing campaign, but there is rarely time to reflect on this. Nor is there time to reflect on the conference call you’ve just led, the great design feedback received from a client or the fact the ‘Create Your Elf’ campaign that we have recently implemented in support of Wellchild, a local charity, has hit a milestone with 900 elves created. Because, suddenly you receive an unplanned call requiring immediate attention meaning all respective teams are called into a briefing to implement a last minute campaign by close of play…
Our commitment rarely goes without notice though, as I’m fortunate enough to have a very rewarding boss. Take the recent office refurb for example, which required all hands on deck, whether in suit or otherwise. It was my first day, and already I was being told to not worry about lunch, as Graham wanted to take us all out to reward us for our hard work! What a great surprise. This is what I love about Silver – it’s an informal yet professional environment, everyone has the same vision and is an expert within their field, providing the perfect opportunity for knowledge sharing, even if it is over a huge pizza in Zizzi’s.
A quick glance at my watch and another day has flown by! I’m late picking my girlfriend up as her car is in the garage and we still have the gym to do – but fortunately she understands my sporadic and exciting work life at Silver!