25th February 2016

A culture of quality: the key to business success

There are a number of ways to improve the culture within your company, with the greatest asset of all being your employees. Employees must be in tune with the company culture, and they must truly believe in the direction of the business.

They must not only do their day-to-day jobs, but they must also understand and follow your mission and values. The best way to encourage this behaviour is to set a precedent and create a set of guidelines. Once employees begin to align their conduct to these guidelines, it becomes infectious to others. Values will be reflected not only in the office, but also out with clients and suppliers.
In a company that values its people for their contribution to the business, employees experience high morale and a positive attitude toward the organization. Workers with a positive attitude are loyal, which reduces employee turnover and attracts talented and skilled workers to your company. This improved morale also increases productivity and efficiency, and as a result your clients benefit from the strength of your culture.
Healthy corporate cultures encourage workers to deliver quality products and services as a result of increased innovation and efficiency. Not only that, but a good culture will create a good chemistry between you and your clients. Customers prefer to engage with businesses that have a solid reputation.
Here at Silver we have a culture that is second to none. Each and every employee has been hired to fit with the company’s vision, mission and values, and we all have a strong belief in the direction of the company. We are adventurous, authentic and sustainable, and we are unified in our mission to connect people with inspired ideas and compelling stories. Silver’s culture has taken time and energy to achieve, but the results are extremely rewarding.