6th June 2015

a very creative hothouse

  1. Working in an agency like Silver causes my definition of the term ‘creative’ to change with every day. It can be used to describe the nature of work that comes from our studio or the way our account team solves every problem, no matter how challenging. But the one thing that connects all of these creative instances is the need for a solution. An original, effective solution.

Hothouse. The original meaning of a hothouse is a heated glass shed for growing a variety of plants and vegetation. In this particular context, it is a vibrant office for growing a variety of ideas and creating belief. Working within such an environment offers great excitement and drama.
Instead of elaborately describing a single exciting or dramatic occurrence, I thought an extended list of examples would better suit the fast pace of my profession and workplace. Here is just a handful of scenarios that sum up the ever-flowing world I work in:
–       A new way of thinking disrupts and ultimately improves the way we do what we do.
–       Feedback from a client sings our praises and raises the spirits, softening the murkiness of a Monday morning.
–       When the team unites to deliver an ambitious piece of work before an even more ambitious deadline.
–       When an idea snowballs into something rich and enthusing.
–       When that idea becomes a reality.
–       The synchronized cheer as a new client is announced.
–       The arrival of a new member into our growing family.
–       A website goes live.
–       A video is showcased.
–       A pitch is won.
–       And finally, a selection of goodies appears on the communal table. One day it’s cookies, the next it’s doughnuts. Rarely healthy, always delicious. Apart from the Jaffa Cakes. I hate Jaffa Cakes.
So, imagine yourself entering a bustling market on a brisk Friday morning; the buzz of rival traders, the smell of freshly cooked bacon and the array of colours spilling out from each stall…
…Now imagine that the buzz is the sound of a brainstorm, the smell is of fresh pastries waiting for the breakfast briefing to commence and the stalls have become computers. The traders have become designers, to-and-froing with the account team, bartering for the best solution to the latest problem. This is a creative hothouse. This is Silver.
George is a vital pattern sewing a rich thread in the elaborate tapestry that is the Silver creative hothouse.