27th June 2018

7 types of B2B video for effective engagement

Choosing the right one often depends on your objectives and budget, but here are 7 different formats that you should consider for your next B2B video campaign.
A conversation between several people. Ensure high-quality sound for clear dialogue, and consider minor postproduction effects like name overlays and transitions.
Use a willing happy customer to highlight a success story or case study. Usually. Prospects will love to see real people benefiting from your service, so these videos can be very valuable assets – cut no corners.

A seminar conducted over the internet. They require quite lots of thought and preparation. Include interactive elements for better engagement, and make sure to tackle subjects of high importance to your audience.

Talking Head
This is the simplest video on the list. Just set up a camera and talk into it. Post-production is optional but not required – just make sure you’ve got a great hook. A good Talking Head video will make the audience feel like part of a conversation, not just talked at.

An outstanding display of your brand. Show off your culture, purpose or an exciting initiative. Focus on quality – let the standard of the video validate your company’s capabilities as much as the content.

Show the audience how to solve a problem or learn a new skill. Use of visuals is important, as you really want to communicate everything clearly.

Bring the audience into the experience and make them feel as though they’re right there with you. If the budget allows, it’s a brilliant opportunity to use 360 video, or even VR.

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