25th April 2018

5 ways to spark creativity

While some people may be more creatively gifted than others, consistent creativity requires practice and patience.
Creativity takes practice and diligence.
There is no magic formula to achieve instant game-changing creativity, but there are things we can do to boost our chances of coming up with that big idea. Here are five of our favourites.

Go for a stroll

 In 2014, Stanford researchers asked volunteers to complete tests in creativity and divergent thinking before and after going for a walk. The results showed a remarkable increase in performance on tests completed after a walk.
Is it down to an increased blood flow to the brain? A change of scenery? Letting your mind wander? Whatever the reason, grab your coat and pop out for ten minutes.

Keep an idea book

Fantastic ideas can spring on you at any moment, so, as the Scouts always say… be prepared!
Keeping an idea book in your pocket, bag or on your bedside table is a good way of capturing an idea the moment it strikes.

More input

 It’s easy to underestimate the importance of input – activities that flex your creative muscles. For instance, a writer should spend the majority of their time reading rather than writing. Reading is an input, writing is an output.
The same goes for designers. Spend less time staring at a screen and delve into the work of other designers for inspiration.

Listen to music

Music can be a fantastic trigger for creativity, but can also be a distraction if not used properly.
Classical music is often the genre of choice. It’s the perfect background music to subconsciously guide your focus and free your creativity.

Brainstorm with someone 

Brainstorming with someone you’re comfortable with can be a fast track to brilliant creative ideas. You can bounce ideas back and forth, validate strong concepts and challenge each other’s thinking.  Go and get creative!