3rd January 2018

5 Tips to Grow Brand Awareness

You need to make sure that your brand gets in front of the audience you want to engage with. The ideal situation is to have your target market think of your company when they’re ready to buy.
Here are five useful tips to grow brand awareness that can help make sure your target market thinks of you and your brand first.


People are much more likely to spread the word about your brand if they will get something from doing so. If possible, offer an incentive to your customers that will make them want to tell their friends all about your brand.
Dropbox performed this remarkably well in the early days of their business. They offered an extra 500MB of storage per friend that you referred. They saw their user numbers sky-rocket with very little effort or spend from their end.

Guest blogging

Be perceived as a thought leader and create a presence across your market by writing guest blog articles for your industry. Whenever you create content, your aim should be to add value to the audience. This should be no different for guest blogs. It’s only worth-while doing if you provide a valuable and memorable piece of content that will give the audience a long-lasting impression of your brand.

Different kinds of content

There are so many ways to present valuable content to your target audience. It’s well worth testing different approaches to find out which is the most effective in your market.
For example, infographics are a visually appealing way of presenting facts and statistics, and much more memorable than just a list on a white screen.
Videos are increasingly popular, and this popularity shows no signs of slowing down. Facebook Live now has over 8 billion views a day, so it’s likely that your audience is watching videos. Create a few and see what the response is.

Be personable

Make sure your user experience feels human and personable to your audience. Promote conversations between you and your customers. Creating a brand that encourages a community will build relationships between people with shared interests, as well as a relatable brand that breeds loyalty.

Social media

A host of free platforms ideal to promote brands and build strong audiences. Time and effort need to be invested in order to stay relevant and share regular engaging content that your audience will find valuable. If you keep this up, an audience will grow naturally over time.
Social media should be used as a platform for conversations. Make sure you reply promptly to comments and engage with the community you build.
Whichever way you build brand awareness, make sure you keep your vision and values at the core. Honest communication is the key to valuable engagement with audiences.