8th April 2013

5 signs that your website design needs refreshing

1. Is the number of people visiting your website declining?

Declining website visitors is the number one indication that you should redesign your website to incorporate best practice principles of on-page search engine optimisation.
Stats don’t lie so make sure you regularly check whether your website is receiving many views and take action before you start slipping down the rankings in search engines.

2. Was your website built over 3 years ago?

Websites are like fashion trends–they get old. What was really cool and engaging to customers a few years ago can now look cliché, old and uninspiring.
For example, Flash websites were hugely popular at one time, and most users enjoyed the experience they had. However they soon got tired of them and wanted to skip straight to the content.
With the constant advances in website technology and design capabilities it’s imperative to stay in the loop on what looks good, and more importantly what works. So if your website was built or refreshed more than 3 years ago then there’s a pretty good chance it needs an update.

3. Are you making it easy to be social?

Although most social media trends come and go the reach of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn means that social media marketing is here to stay.
If your website isn’t making it easy for visitors to share your content on tried and tested social websites, you may need a refresh.

4. Are you struggling to turn visitors into customers?

If you feel that your website isn’t converting enough sales opportunities, the likelihood is that there is a problem with the website usability and you need to figure out what’s going wrong.
Are you making it too difficult for visitors to know what you offer and what you would like them to do? Are key product and service pages buried deep within the site architecture?  If the answer is yes, it’s time to change.

5. Has your business evolved?

For many potential customers, your website will form the basis of their first impression of your business. So is yours an accurate reflection of your business today – rather than how your business was when your site was first designed?
Web design updates should be made when your business grows and expands. It is very easy to create sites and leave them. However, the most successful websites are constantly revised with relevant content that reflects the business they represent.
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