14th June 2018

5 best practices for effective B2B videos – and 5 common mistakes

It’s clear that video content should be central to any progressive B2B strategy because video gives you a number of creative ways to engage and reach audiences. If you want to be more imaginative and inventive with your marketing campaigns, this is the perfect platform.
Video gives you so much freedom and flexibility, but there are some important guidelines you should follow to maximise effectiveness, and common mistakes you should try to avoid.

Best practices

Video Titles: Grab attention by telling the audience which problem the video will solve. Ask a question and answer it, or make a promise and back it up in the content.
Optimal Length: The length of videos that prospects will engage with first should be 30-90 seconds. From then on, the content can lengthen, with 10 minutes considered as the informal cut off point.
Promotion: When promoting your video via post or emails, make sure to use the word “video”.  This can really boost your click-through rate.
Captions/Subtitles: Nearly 85% of social media videos are watched with no sound, so include captions and subtitles if possible.
Call to Action: Always leave the viewer with something else to do. Invite them to watch another video, read a blog post, or simply visit your website.

Common mistakes

Poor picture quality: A poor quality video can easily affect your credibility and brand perception. It’s worth investing a little more to get the picture crystal clear.
Rambling: Make sure you don’t take too long to get to the point of the video, you don’t want your audience to lose interest.
Long runtime: Especially important with videos that are the first point of contact. Keep it short, simple and succinct.
Poor sound quality: If the audience can’t hear what’s being said, they will instantly disengage. Make it as easy as possible for people to consume the content.
No emotional connection:  Humans engage more with content when there’s an emotional connection.  Without this, your audience won’t feel connected to your video or your brand.

Now you know the basics of creating effective B2B videos. Get out there and share your stories with the world, or watch some examples of the videos we’ve created.