3rd November 2017

3 ways technology companies can tell better stories

Technology companies are in industries that are taking larger developmental leaps over shorter spaces of time. The products and services are there to promote, but telling a compelling story about them is where the magic lies.

There are a few ways that technology companies can tell better stories. These techniques can generate meaningful engagement with customers and lead to increased brand loyalty over time.

Make them personable

It is difficult for people to relate to a large, faceless corporation or a complex new product.

An effective way to create a connection with your customers is to give your company a face. Tell a story about your business or product from the point of view of a person. Show someone directly benefiting from the product or service you provide. Your customers will relate to the same issues they face and see that you are offering a solution that works.

Make them memorable

The whole point of marketing is to make your target market aware of your products and get them to  buy from you. Making your brand memorable is key for this to happen.

Causing an emotional response in your customers through your marketing message makes your brand much more memorable.

Humour is an extremely powerful tool that can be utilised to make your brand more memorable. Dell EMC used humour when promoting their PowerEdge servers, making their story far more memorable compared to mundane messages being promoted from competitors.

Make them relevant

The story you tell isn’t going to resonate with everyone who reads it.

Just like any other marketing activity, you need to identify the specific target audience you want to communicate with and make the story relevant to them.

The time and place also affects the relevance of your story. A fantastic story set around Christmas time isn’t going to be relevant in July!

There are more and more technology companies out there developing products with the latest bells and whistles. It’s becoming even more important to stand out from the crowd. An honest, compelling story that is personable, memorable and relevant is the perfect way to engage with your target audience.