Every brand is a story.

Learning how to tell stories is one of the first cognitive skills we all acquire. It is fundamental to how we learn and process information about our lives and the world. We learn how to trust and engage with people around us, be reassured and tell stories ourselves. We store memories and retrieve them in the order that they happen, much like a story.

Brands want their customers to connect with their story and spread the message of a good experience or product.

Trusted, successful and sustainable brands tell their stories so that it’s easy for the customer to pass on their experiences with the brand and how it has positively impacted them.

At Silver, we’re storytelling experts, we work the world’s biggest brands, in every sector, and we know it’s not just as simple as a logo and whizzy website. We understand every brand needs to tell its story and this story is the promise to the customer. It lets them know what you can expect from your services or products and it differentiates your offering from competitors.

To do that, we firstly identify what qualities, values and experiences customers associate with their business. Through a brand workshop we create consistent brand messaging including a mission, vision and brand values.

We then hand over to the Silver studio to build an authentic, impactful and sustainable brand identity.

Once all of the brand anchor points have been defined, we apply them through all print, digital and social communication, stationery, website, mission videos, instagram posts, I could go on!

So how do you build a sustainable brand? To quote Silver’s Creative Director, Graham Dodridge, “simplicity and consistency” are key to a successful brand, once you have all the foundations in place it’s about evolving your story and keeping your brand promise.

Ben is one of the industries leading creatives, producing effective lead generation campaigns for ‘global bluechips’.