As I come to the end of another fantastic week at Silver, I am reflecting on what makes Silver just so exciting, and why each morning I jump out of bed, raring to start a brand new day in the studio.

Mornings always take off with a blast, with eclectic playlists of everyone’s favourite music and fresh coffees to get everyone going, while we all chat about the hijinks we got up to the night before.

At meetings we discuss which of the plethora of tasks we will execute in accordance with the tight scheduling and job tracking system. It may be that I get straight to business on the computer, creating design work for any number of clients or that I put together a presentation to showcase some great ideas from the truly creative minds at Silver.  I may join a brainstorm where imaginations run wild within endless forests of possibility. There are frantic sketches as we capture our ideas on good old fashioned paper, and a whirring of typing up notes on laptops. When all avenues for that brief have been discussed, the team quickly gets down to business, enthused and buzzing!

Lunchtime, may find me in a pub garden, a sunny spot in the fabulous town of Cheltenham, or I might make myself comfy at the ‘Whisky bar’ in the office for a necessary break, and to chat with the rest of the crew before getting back to creating!

The projects we are involved in are never the same; from direct mail to email marketing or from a brand development to a video storyboard, meaning it is impossible to get bored! The pace is fast, while beefy marketing projects can takes days to perfect. The times seem to be always-a-changing at Silver, with no time to faff as there is always another project scheduled for me to get my teeth sunk into.

I feel the excitement in the air as soon as I walk through the Silver studio door. I share the passion that everyone brings whichever area they work in – It’s infectious, and always gets passed on. It really is an inspirational place, where the wheels never stop turning and we know we are all going in the right direction.

Francesca Williams is a vital creative powerhouse in the Silver studio.