Can innovation be taught, or is it simply a talent that you either have or not?

Innovation in simple terms is translating an idea into a service or item that creates value, a must have.

At Silver we are always striving for perfection in the work we create and send to our clients. Whether it’s a branding project, a super slick animation or a fully responsive web design overhaul.

As one of the key designers at Silver, I find myself pushing the boundaries to create beautiful and innovative designs, that raise the bar that little bit higher and put a big fat tick in the box for personal satisfaction.

I always look to develop my skills and knowledge, whether it’s on a personal or professional level. There is nothing better than learning a new process to quicken productivity and help the other creatives in the work we produce.

Is innovation and creativity something that can be taught? Sure, I could spend a few hours demonstrating to the most unimaginative person the art of drawing and how to get the most out of this process. Creating something they are proud of and yet enjoy. Is there anything better than a large blank piece of paper and a box full of art materials?

The process of creating designs can be taught to anyone, it’s understanding the client’s needs that makes the difference and transforms the outcome from great to award winning. At Silver we always look to create work that is compelling and an engaging visual solution to a sometimes basic problem.

As a team we help to transform companies, brands and tech giants by remembering what inspired them in the first place, we strip away all the unnecessary parts and go back to basics with a clear mission and vision, working from the ground up. Every project is based on a clear understanding, a strong foundation and the backbone of Silver Agency. Helping to create the belief one project at a time.

Aaron Miller is a top illustrator,  infographic artist, designer and team player – an all round good egg and vital part of the Silver crew.