We are inundated with three dimensional (3D) renders!

It’s getting hard to tell what is real and what is not. And developments in mobile technology have meant that the majority of us walk around with the equivalent of a small flat-screen TV in our pockets. 3D software offers the possibilities for verisimilitude that the Old Masters could have only dreamed of. CGI appears in film and advertising, medical professionals can re imagine us from the inside out and architects can create pre-visualisations. Want to know what your new kitchen will look like? No problem.

An early example of 3D computer graphics is, by today’s standards, a crude model of a rotating hand created by Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull and classmate Fred Parke in 1972. Now forty years later we’re are able to seamlessly blend 3D graphics with live-action footage, thus blurring the lines between what is imagined and and what is real.


Anything appears possible, as so ably demonstrated by Framestore with their resurrection of Audrey Hepburn for a Galaxy chocolate ad. Mike McGee of Framestore suggests that ‘Replicating a human is the mecca of visual effects (VFX)’, claiming this project to be an industry first.

Hollywood and the major advertising agencies have generated a huge appetite for 3D graphics. The standards have, over the years, risen and now the average viewer has come to expect the seemingly impossible. Just like Post-renaissance spectators came to expect perspective in paintings!

3D graphics can be expensive to produce, often needing big production teams with different specialisms and plenty of time to render them out, but here at Silver we have means and ways that meet some pretty tough budget requirements.

Let’s look at the client benefits of cool CGI

Powerful communications, packing the most information into the shortest amount of time. Think of the 3D renders illustrating TVs Grand Designs for host Kevin McCloud.

Great advertising. Remember the advertisers formula AIDA: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.

Making the impossible seem real such as Money Supermarkets giant elephant being driven down a street full of cars.

Added dynamism – A Gillette razor is elevated to the importance of a jet plane in TV adverts.

Today creative agencies cannot afford to be without a 3D graphics offering and here at Silver we are integrating the latest techniques into our customers nurture marketing programmes. Such techniques are no longer the sole preserve of Hollywood. With every challenging project we embrace new technology, learn more and extend our creative boundaries. Following the challenge comes the reward, when we proudly render out and review our latest output.

Lisa Ferrari is a key creative member of the highly talented motion graphics team at Silver.