One world and 7 billion people! There are truly global opportunities for those brands that meet individual needs.

Every second, our planet rotates another four hundred and sixty five metres. We are sharing information at fibre-optic speeds.

In fact, since you read the last paragraph another 8,500 Instagram pictures have been liked, 4,800 Tumblr notices posted, 5,124 Skype connections linked, 16,890 Tweets posted, 36,387 YouTube videos viewed and 135,487 Google searches made!

Instant news feeds from friends, family, a global network of journalists and pundits have changed the way we stay informed.

The democratisation of information first scales, then rips down walls of knowledge-segregation.

Hungry for information, people are consuming it at an ever-increasing rate. Yet, without relevance or meaning, information blurs into interference.

It’s time for a new approach to connect brands with people. It’s time to be highly available, completely honest and accountable to the people.

Things have changed forever!

To remain pertinent and keep pace with demands, a new connected approach is needed.

Brands need to be highly visible, available, completely honest and scrupulously accountable.

Those that listen and engage, rather than preach and sell, galvanise people to invest time, money and faith in realising ambitions at work, home and play.

Silver appreciates the value of nurturing relationships.  We provide brands with the perfect catalyst for change.

By listening, we gather insight and this in turn informs our strategic thinking. We generate inspired ideas and share compelling stories.

Our brand messaging platforms, strategies, creative work and insights communicate brand values and truth.

This makes us responsible for getting each and every campaign right.

After all, everything we say and do reflects our own brand tenets: adventurous, authentic and sustainable.

The above is the introduction from the new Silver agency brand book. To view the complete Silver book click: