Design and brand is inseparable. A brand is so much more than just a logo. Brand is the total experience a business, product or service delivers.

Power brands are made of brilliantly designed products, well constructed ‘go to market’ strategic plans, beautifully crafted adverts, impeccably well trained and informed staff – and always ‘by design’. They tap into your emotions, unlocking your desire, appealing to your better judgment – they run to the very heart of your belief system. And the whole process of building a successful brand utilises great design.

Take Apple, BMW or Mont Blanc as examples. If you were to remove the logos from any of their products or services you would likely still know who designed and made them. This is due to the consistency and beautiful simplicity of the design across their whole product range, combined with a previous exposure to the brand. Their smarter products, cool advertising, clean literature and websites all help to make these brands what they are. They brands garner trust, high quality, cutting edge, cool, and it’s all driven by exceptionally high quality design.

Designers develop then infuse the ‘essence’ of a brand across all communications. Power brands like beauty are more than skin deep. They nurture trust and build customer loyalty.

In a 2007 survey of the value of global brands by branding agency Interbrand, Coca-Cola’s brand equity was valued at $65.3bn. The power of the Coca-Cola brand is massive, one of the most successful in the world and I think this quote from Coca-Cola Executive sums it up: “If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.”

Brand in its simplest terms is built on a set of associations that people make with a company’s product or service. Starting with it’s swirling logo and distinctive hour glass bottle, Coco-Cola’s associations include the original sweet fizzy cola drink. Today the brand is continually reinforced through continued investment in design – it’s the real thing!

Design is the building block of any brand and a vital tool in your brand arsenal. Your team Silver has an implicit understanding of all the design, engineering and mechanical development required to build and support world-class brands.

Ben Keylock
Brand Designer and Engineer