Is it genetic similarities that help us decide who are friends are?

Why is it at school we gravitate to some more than others? What turns a distant acquaintance in to our closest confidante? I’m not sure if anyone really knows, but I truly believe that people react to brands in a very similar way.

Psychology plays a key role when it comes to brands and can be very complex when determining attitudes and behaviours towards specific brands, analysising to the nth degree purchasing patterns and customer journeys.  All sorts of elements come into play such as good and bad experiences, trust, having similar values or aspirations, or just always being there as a part of everyday life (‘I buy it because my mum always bought it’)! However, not being let down and trust are two of the key factors, and in the marketing world this is known as delivering on the brand promise.

A brand promise is the commitment to deliver made between the brand and its audience, which is ultimately there to encourage a sale. The promise is shaped by different elements such as the capabilities, character, positioning and values of that company – and all this packaged up gives a company its uniqueness. This doesn’t happen by chance, though, especially for the big brands who invest heavily in their brand – it is down to lots of good old qualitative and quantitative research, as perception and reality are often two very different things. And there is no one better to ask than the consumer themselves about what they think in order to better understand them and their decision making process.

So here at Silver we decided to travel down that path, asking our clients what they thought of our value proposition. It can be nail-biting stuff especially when you’re the one collating the responses, but we are all delighted that there were no big surprises. Well over 83% of our clients said Silver were very/extremely responsive with 100% saying they are very/extremely professional. So far, so good! Value for money is always a tricky one as it’s human nature to want to drive down the price – but people will always pay for quality and expertise. Of course there is always room to create more awareness about the breadth of our capabilities, but it is really good to know that our clients are in tune with our core proposition.

Making the promise is easy – the hard bit is keeping that promise, especially when the pressure is on. That’s why the promise must be crafted at the most senior level as it requires alignment with the organisation’s mission, vision and business plans. This ensures the brand is always able to keep its promise ……and develop a trust and bond just like a good old friend.