Unless you've fallen off the edge of the Earth, you will have seen or heard about the Superbowl in it's extravagant over-the-top form.

The epitomy of this extravagance, Beyonce, was of course the main feature. Dancing and singing her way through 15 minutes of fire flames, pyrotechnics and Destiny Child reunions – she left her recent critics cowering in a corner.

The Superbowl is a funny one here in the UK, some people embrace it (like our very own Matt Hurley who dedicates a whole day to it), some of us catch the best bits on YouTube and others let it pass by without too much acknowledgement. But as a brand and marketing agency, it is hard to ignore the impact that even just the adverts have. From being an inconvenient interruption to our viewing, they have become part of the excitement and a huge talking point. The pre-emptive ‘Who’s going to get the hot spot?’, ‘What celebrities will they work with?’ and finally ‘How much did that cost them?’ are all part of the excitement.

This year’s biggest advert is arguably GoDaddy’s ‘When Sexy-meets-Smart’ featuring the supermodel Bar Refaeli having a full-on snog with IT geek, Jesse Heiman. It leaves an image you’ll find hard to shake off – giving Go Daddy some serious credibility in the advertising department.

Another advert extravagant enough to match the atmosphere of the Superbowl, was the ‘Morning Run’ milk advert featuring The Rock. With an alien invasion taking place in the background, he prioritises getting his kid’s morning pint of milk over helping grannies, cats stuck in trees and stopping bank robbers. Memorable and funny!