Advertising campaigns for charities can sometimes fall short of grabbing the audience's attention – so it's refreshing to see one that does.

This recent campaign for Prostate Cancer shows that by being to the point and consistent they can stay relevant in a crowded marketplace.
Using the comedian, Bill Bailey, to talk seriously about the subject seems to have weight – as does the name ‘Sledgehammer Fund’, to ‘Crack Cancer’. Strong statements come across in the advert, like the fact that the victim rate is nearly as high as breast cancer – which really makes you think.

Another charity advertising campaign that also caught our eye was another one for prostate cancer using the comedian, Bob Monkhouse, a few years ago. Using someone who’d actually died of the disease was a strong move, and with a catchy strapline like ‘Give a few Bob‘ – it’s consistent and catchy.

We’ve recently designed the brand for ‘Miles for Many‘ – a sponsored event to raise money for those affected by post traumatic stress disorder. Paul Rhodes is running a mile for every person affected so sponsor him here. As a branding agency, it’s nice to do our bit – and we look forward to seeing more great campaigns for great causes in 2013.