John Lewis Christmas 2012 TV advert celebrates the extra mile we go to at Christmas to find the perfect gift. Silver take a look at the making of this fantastic advert.

The battle of the Christmas television advert
We have all seen the latest efforts to win the battle of Christmas television advertising in the run up to this year’s Christmas.

The Coca-Cola ‘Holidays are coming’ advert was always a sign that Christmas was on its way and we all waited patiently for its annual premiere. Over the last couple of years, our focus and excitement has changed towards what will John Lewis do next.

Last year, John Lewis won the battle with their advert titled ‘For gifts you can’t wait to give’ and we think they may have done it again with ‘The Journey’.

This years entry: ‘The Journey

The advert is called ‘The Journey’ and it opens in a family’s snow-covered garden, with children making a snowman and snow woman. When the snowman has mysteriously disappeared the next morning, we’re transported to a magical world as we follow the determined snowman on his epic journey across river, mountain, road and city. The motive for the snowman’s journey isn’t revealed until the last scene, when we see him return on Christmas morning. (sentence about what he does? – The snow woman has been wrapped up in the end scene by her snowman, engaging emotionally with the audience and once again, winning our hearts over).’

The ad is set to a cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Power of Love’ sung by Gabrielle Aplin, a 20 year-old singer signed to Parlophone Records.

The making of ‘The Journey’

This ‘Making of’ video looks deeper into how such a beautiful advert is made.